Web Page Layouts

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Web page layouts, like newspaper or magazine layouts, illustrate the location and approximate dimensions of key sections of the page.

The title of the site is usually in the top section (<header>…</header>), while the logo is usually in the top-left corner. Copyright information and a hyperlink to the site map is often found at the bottom of the web page.

  1. Web Page Layouts
  2. Plan Web Page Layouts with Microsoft Word
  3. Creating the Very Simple Fixed 1-column Web Page Layout
  4. Floating Block Elements for Web Page Layouts
  5. Calculating Floating Block Widths for Web Page Layouts
  6. Add Section Columns to a Fixed 1-column Layout
  7. Create a Fixed 2-column Layout with Header and Footer
  8. Fixed 3-column Layout with a Header
  9. Create a Five Flexible Boxes Layout Like Apple
  10. Use Borders Within Divs to Create the Illusion of Margins

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