Web Forms for User Input

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Web forms are a web site tool that allows users to input information into the web site. Back-end programming often takes the user input, processes it, and returns some type of output. Take, for example, a site search. A text box allows the user to type in a search term. After clicking a button, the data is sent to a script which check with a database. Another script takes the resulting information from the database and presents it to the user in the form of a custom web page using HTML and CSS.

  1. Form Labels with ID and FOR Attributes
  2. Exapnding Text Input with :focus and CSS Transition
  3. Web Forms for User Input
  4. Attribute Selectors for Form Elements
  5. Range Sliders and Number Boxes for a Web Form
  6. Special Attributes for Web Form Inputs
  7. Selection Menus in a Web Form
  8. Alternative Text Box Fields for Forms
  9. Radio Buttons and Checkboxes in a Web Form
  10. Basic Text Boxes in a Web Form
  11. Styling Small, Basic Web Forms
  12. Styling Forms Using Labels with For Attributes
  13. Use JavaScript to Hide/Show a Portion of a Form
  14. Label Tags in Web Forms for Usability

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