Using and Formatting Text

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Despite media-focused web sites like Flickr for images and YouTube for videos, text is very important on the Web. Most web sites primary content is text. eBiz | MBA has a list of the fifteen most popular web sites. YouTube (videos) and Pinterest (photos, mostly) are on the list, but text is the clear content leader for the other 13. You could even make a sound argument for the value of text on sites like YouTube and Pinterest. If it wasn’t for text on YouTube, you wouldn’t be able to find videos by searching or have a clear idea of what they were about before playing.

So, don’t discount the importance of text and text formatting on your web page.

  1. Using and Formatting Text
  2. Markup All Web Page Text with a Purpose
  3. Use Headings / Headlines on a Web Page
  4. Use and Style Paragraphs on a Web Page
  5. Add Shadow Effects to Text
  6. Create and Style Ordered Lists
  7. Create and Style Unordered Lists
  8. Create and Style Nested Lists
  9. Style Hyperlinks with Pseudo-class Selectors
  10. Style a Call to Action Button from a Hyperlink
  11. Style Text into Columns with CSS
  12. Create a Drop Cap with Pseudo Elements
  13. Use Font-family and Google Fonts for Custom Fonts
  14. Relative Position and Style a Figcaption for an Image

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